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If you build it, they will come.

About Us

Inspired by Andrew "Rube" Foster who was born in Calvert and is responsible for the creation of the Negro Baseball League in 1920, we are fielding a sandlot team in order to provide a summer sport for high school youth, entertainment for the neighborhood, and an opportunity for the community to come together.

What is "Sandlot" Baseball?

Patterned after the movie Sandlot, we begin our baseball adventure this year by playing ball on an old field that hasn't been used in a while with borrowed gloves, wooden bats, and battered balls.  While we will be playing for fun, the practices are structured by coach Andrew and monitored by city councilwoman Bobby Jean Alford with the goal of growing skills and fielding a competitive team.

Who Can Play?

As of summer 2022, our team is open to high school boys and girls but we will also allow slightly younger and slightly older ages to participate as long as they show respect, commitment, and hard work.

When Do You Practice?

Open practices will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays 6-8pm at Payne Kemp Park in Calvert, Texas throughout the summer.

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Bobby Jean Alford & Coach Andrew Christjoy
Calvert Rube Foster Historic Marker.jpeg
Historical marker at the field in Calvert, Texas signifying the birthplace of Andrew "Rube" Foster in 1879
Rube Foster pitching.jpeg
Rube Foster pitching in the 1920s
Rube's plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York
Baseball Returns to Calvert

Reporter Rebecca Fiedler with KRHD TV in Bryan, Texas visits our baseball program to see what we are all about.  This news piece was picked up by KXXV in Waco and nationally by and Yahoo! Sports.

The segment explains how city councilmember Bobby Jean Alford and Texas A&M University Ph.D. student Andrew Christjoy partnered up to see if baseball could be the catalyst to enhance community engagement and resilience.
Behind the Scenes
Take a look at how it all got started from the very beginning as Coach Andrew and Miss Bobby Jean partner up to bring baseball to life in Calvert.  It started with four young men and continues as the program grows to include both middle school and high school boys and girls with the goal of enhancing skills and fielding a competitive team.  Baseball is more than just a game.  It is a reflection of life with the added potential of becoming a catalyst for bolstering community resilience.

They started with nothing.  The story continues...