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This project is meant to inspire community collaboration that reaches both sides of town.  If you would like to be a part of bringing it to life, consider the following options to join our efforts.  Even if you came out just one time, it would show that what we are doing here is important.



Volunteering (Even if it's just one time, it would be wonderful!)

  • Hydration - bring cold sports drinks or iced water

  • Concessions - maybe buy one round of pizza or some tacos

  • Social Media - show up just to snap some pictures or be a part of the promotions team

  • Video Production - help document the growth of the program for YouTube and a documentary film

  • Announcer - bring the game to life by grabbing a mic or bullhorn to announce players

  • Umpire - call balls, strikes, and outs

  • Assistant Coach - help Andrew work with the team on skills and during games


  • Batting helmets - safety first!

  • Catcher's gear - It's difficult to be down in the dirt next to the batter without the proper safety gear!

  • Pitching rubber - we need a marked location for the pitcher to dig in

  • Bases

  • Practice t-shirts

  • Game uniforms

  • Protective pitching screen

  • Adult baseballs

  • Wooden bats

  • Right and left gloves

The Field

  • Dirt basepaths

  • Outfield fence

  • Pitcher's mound

To coordinate a specific gift or day to bring items, please use the contact form to schedule and connect with coach Andrew Christjoy and Bobby Jean Alford.

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